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Welcome Suz deMello - *New* Release ABOUT WRITING

Please help me welcome the sensational Suz deMello! She's here with her new release, ABOUT WRITING!

ABOUT WRITING: YOUR ESSENTIAL WRITING MANUAL by Suz deMello (#writing #creativewriting

Both of Suz deMello’s famed writing manuals, now in one handy paperback. A perfect gift for any writer!

Here’s what folks said about Plotting and Planning:

Sue has written a concise manual that is valuable for both beginning and seasoned writers. Going to write a book? Read this first!
--Bestselling suspense author Kylie Brant

Suz deMello's PLOTTING AND PLANNING is a concise, informative, and entertaining look at writing a novel.
--Paranormal author Silver James

Not only did Write This, Not That! reach #2 on Amazon’s writing reference list, but it also garnered many five star reviews:

Five stars...good advice and fun to read. --Jo Frye

Five stars... Kudos to the author for a well-written manual! --Book CraZ

Five stars from me... This short guide covers the essentials and is useful for both new and experienced writers. -- Author Catherine Cavendish


Also available in large print:   

About Suz deMello:
Best-selling, award-winning author Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has written nineteen books in several subgenres, including nonfiction, memoir, erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and suspense, plus a number of short stories and articles on writing. A freelance editor, she’s held the positions of managing editor and senior editor, working for such firms as Totally Bound and Ai Press. She also takes private clients.

Her books have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist, won a contest or two, attained the finals of the RITA and hit several bestseller lists.

A former trial attorney, her passion is world travel. She’s left the US over a dozen times, including lengthy stints working overseas. She’s now writing a vampire tale and planning her next trip.

Stalk Suzie online:
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--For editing services, email her at
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--She tweets @Suzdemello
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Once Upon A Savage Moon - 5-Part #western #romance serial

We're celebrating this week with a blog tour of Once Upon A Savage Moon hosted by Magic of Book Tours (the wonderful Tami Adams)

Enter to win a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate by visiting on any the blogs on the tour (listed below).

About Once Upon A Savage Moon:

Brothers Creed and Brand Gatlin love the same woman. One is the father to her child; the other her husband. One left to fight in the Civil War; one stayed home to pick up the tumultuous pieces of their lives.

Sage and Lauren McCain, twins separated at birth, have no idea the other exists...until Fate steps in to reunite them twenty years later. 

 Once Upon A Savage Moon is a sweeping saga of two families, the McCains and the Gatlins, caught in the crossfire of the Civil War and the Sioux uprising. Journey with them as they struggle through heartache, betrayal, forgiveness and ultimately love.

Purchase ALL 5 Parts here on Amazon (also available on KU)

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Welcome PATY JAGER, Western Romance Author!

I know you're going to love this: A FREE Short Story from Paty Jager

This FREE short story introduces you to Dr. Isabella Mumphrey, a female MacGyver/Indiana Jones character.  I gave her some great foibles, like idolizing Indiana Jones and trying to use a whip. You’ll have to read Secrets of a Mayan Moon to find out how that ended. She also has a “survival vest”. It’s my hat tip to MacGyver. And she uses the items in her vest to save not only herself but others. Her inept social skills come from living in boarding schools and always being younger than the rest of her classmates. She started college at fourteen and when she was seventeen realized she wanted to be an anthropologist and began the studies and graduated with her doctorate at twenty-two.

Secrets of a Christmas Box has Isabella excited about spending her first Christmas with her Venezuelan DEA agent boyfriend. The two met in the Guatemala Jungle in Secrets of a Mayan Moon. They found their missions intersecting in Secrets of an Aztec Temple. This Christmas story takes place before Isabella meets with her aunt at the Hopi Reservation and becomes entangled in Hopi myths and human slavery in Secrets of a Hopi Blue Star.

Blurb for Secrets of a Christmas Box

Isabella’s plans of a wonderful Christmas are thwarted when her father hands her a World Intelligence Agency mission. He allows Tino to help her with the mission, so they can be together. As the days hasten to Christmas can she decipher the wooden cube she’s been handed or will her first Christmas with Tino be a bust?

Strong arms wrapped around her middle and Tino placed his chin on her head. “You’re making hallaca for me?”
The warmth and excitement in his voice swept her misery away. She spun in his arms.
“Yes. You mentioned how you missed this dish. I only hope I can make it as well as your mother and grandmother.” She placed her head on his chest and listened to the rhythm of his beating heart. She didn’t have a doubt in her mind, she loved his man. Had from the moment he teased her about the howler monkeys in the Guatemala jungle.
“You already have the main ingredient, love.” He kissed the top of her head.
Isabella tipped her face upwards and was rewarded with a knee-buckling kiss. If he kept this up, she’d be nothing but a puddle of needy woman by dinner time.
He drew out of the kiss, dropping soft kisses over her face. When he no longer kissed her, she peered into his eyes.
“Did I hear Alabaster yelling ‘Who is there’?” Tino asked, picking up a cooled cookie.
“Yes. Daddy called. I have an assignment.”
Tino swallowed the bite of cookie. “But it’s only three days until Christmas. Our first Christmas together.”  His brow furrowed.
“He said it was local, and it wouldn’t interfere with Christmas.” She rubbed a hand up and down his arm. “And he said you could help me.”
Tino’s hand raising the cookie to his mouth stopped halfway. “I can help? Your father doesn’t like anyone but WIA to work your cases.”
“He said it wasn’t classified.” She bit the cookie waving around in front of her nose.
“What is the assignment?” Tino popped the rest of the sweet into his mouth and picked up another one.
“I’ll find out when the package is delivered.”
You can download your FREE copy from any of these sites:

Thank you, Paty, for dropping by today, and for the FREE story. I know everyone is going to love it!


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Welcome to Hot For Friday - Book Boyfriends Cafe

Thank you for stopping by to see what's HOT for Hot For Friday Blog Hop, sponsored every Friday by BOOK BOYFRIENDS CAFE

If you're a writer, we'd love to have you join us every week. Click on link above and sign up for next week's hop.

My Hot for Friday excerpt is from my latest contemporary romance SEASON, UNFORGETTABLE. I'm thrilled to announce that Season, Unforgettable recently finaled in the romance category at the Independent Authors Network Book Awards Contest for 2015!

About Season, Unforgettable

Season Scrimshaw isn't selling the land her parents left her when they died, not even to the gorgeous Rann Brogan who saved her life in the forest. Especially not after she finds out he was in the woods to survey her property.

The company Rann works for, his mother's company, wants the land for a luxury condo development and they want it bad. He never dreamed they'd go to such extreme lengths to get it.

Lives spiral out of control, lies and betrayal play center stage. Caught in the middle between his rich and powerful mother and the woman he loves, Rann discovers love is complicated...and sometimes lethal.

Excerpt (Season and Rann meet for the first time)
First, the birds went silent and then the bushes rustled to her right. A guttural growl sent raw fear pedaling through her veins. Had she flushed out a bear, worse, a mama bear protecting her cub? Her hands went to the straps around her neck, a foolish instinct that overrode the alarm bells roaring in her head. She slipped the camera over her shoulder, her hands shaking like leaves caught up in an eddy. When the scrub brush parted, a mountain lion strolled onto the trail. The alarm bells morphed into paralyzing fear. Holy crap, what is a mountain lion doing in this neck of the woods?

Gold-flecked eyes met green. With their gazes locked, both assessing the beast before them, an infinity of time passed. Should she retreat or remain as still as the oak trunks surrounding her? The cat made the first move. He sniffed the air as if trying to identify her scent, his front paws digging into the forest floor beneath him. She'd never outrun him and climbing a tree would be suicide. Cats could skim tree bark faster than a scalded ghost could disappear. She retreated, and forgot about the sturdy branch she hopped over moments ago. Her heel slipped on the wet birch bark, knocking her legs out from under her. Hitting the ground with a solid thud, she clutched her abdomen and gasped for precious air.
Her mother's face rose behind her closed eyes. Oh, shit, have you come to welcome me? This can't be happening…Dear God, don't let it be happening. 

A hoarse whisper over her shoulder broke through her heartfelt pleadings. “Don't move. Not. One. Muscle.”

The stranger jumped over her head, the taut muscles of his naked back and broad shoulders blocking her line of vision to the phantom of death. He held a long, sturdy bough in his hand, clasping it in the middle with both hands. Between his stance and his confidence, she almost believed he could do some serious damage should the beast decide to lunge. Oh, how she wanted to believe it.

Another element leaped into the scene in a blur of unbridled speed and motion. She released a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding when the cat's long tail disappeared into a thicket of dense bracken with the monstrous canine in hot pursuit.

Her savior turned to face her. “Are you all right?”

Patting down her legs and torso, the words stuck in her throat. “I-I think so.” When her hands moved to her neck, she remembered her camera and scanned the ground around her. “My cam—”

“Shattered, I'm afraid.” He nodded to the left. “Looks like it hit that thick branch when you fell.”

“Crap. I saved for a year to buy it.”

He extended a hand. “Here, let's see if any part of you is shattered.”

With a moan and a grunt she pulled herself up. And then drank in his beauty, like Hollywood leading actor beauty. A head taller than her, his dark hair glistened beneath a shaft of sunlight. His eyes were blue, dark midnight blue, the same shade as the cotton shirt tied around his waist. His mouth was generous, his lips full and sensual. Below that kissable mouth, a scruffy stubble shadowed his chiseled jaw.
After scanning her top to bottom, he cocked his head to the side. “Well, what do you think?”

Oh, God, how long had she been gawking at him? He'd asked her a question after easing her to her feet. Something about broken. No shattered, he wanted to know if anything besides the camera was shattered when she fell. “Nothing broken. I'm fine, thank you.”

His smile dazzled her. “You're welcome.”

A dog barked in the distance. “Is that your dog?”

“Yes, Rook. Good thing I brought him along today.”

“Do you think he's all right?”

“Oh, yeah, he's fine. He's got that mountain lion treed, won't come back until I whistle for him.”

Still rattled, she put a hand to her forehead and took in her surroundings. “But…how-how did you find—”

“Rook must have picked up the cat's scent. He took off on a dead run and when he didn't return, I decided to check it out.” This time his smile creased the corners of his eyes. “I'm glad I, that is, we, found you.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“So it goes without saying you were out here taking pictures. You a photographer?”

“One day, I hope. Right now, a student at the local college.” She looked over his shoulder in the direction of the persistent barking. “Must have crossed over from the Badlands.”

A quizzical expression crossed his face.

“The mountain lion. I've never seen one in the woods before, but the DNR said they'd tracked one in Minnesota last year…a young male passing through on his way to Canada.”

“You live nearby then?”

“Yes.” She shagged her head backwards. “Duna, my grandfather, and I, live about a mile in that direction.” Her breathing had finally returned to normal, enough to emit a chuckle. “You're standing on Scrimshaw land, sir.”

“Rann Brogan, please call me Rann. I think we should be on a first name basis after that, don't you?”

“Yes, yes, I do.” She shivered and then plucked her broken camera from the ground. “I think it's fair to say I might not be standing on Scrimshaw land if you and Rook hadn't come along.” She turned to leave, calling out over her shoulder. “Thank you, Rann Brogan.”

“Hey, wait!”

Pivoting around, she faced him again.

“You didn't tell me your name.”


“Season? You're named after a season? Okay, let me guess.” With his thumb and forefinger rubbing the stubble on his chin, he squinted. “Let me see; not Autumn. You don't look like an Autumn. I'm going to guess Wynter, and that's with a y instead of an i.”

“Wrong on both counts.”

“You're not going to tell me, are you?”

“Already did. My name is Season Scrimshaw.”


Monday, August 10, 2015

Welcome Susan Horsnell and a True Story - LIBERATED


This book is a biography of a woman I have loved and admired for the whole of my life. In December 1944 a German family of seven were captured and convicted of war crimes for harbouring Jews. I have known this story for most of my life.

In the twilight of her years, this lady has decided that it is time for her story to be told so it will be recorded for future generations. The woman and her sister were interned in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp until Liberation on 13 April 1945. This is a true account of her experience.


Hanover, Lower Saxony GERMANY 1939
The house looked the same as every other dwelling in the street. Two story, attached, weathered stone. There were three bedrooms and a bathroom with indoor plumbing upstairs. An attic, where family treasures were hidden, could only be accessed through a removable panel in the ceiling of the main bedroom closet. Downstairs was a small but adequate dine in kitchen, a sitting room and a storeroom. Inside the storeroom was a staircase which led down to a basement.

The house sat opposite the banks of the Leine River. It was home to Inga Albine and her family. She had one older sister, two older brothers and one younger brother. They loved summer when they could swim and play in the water. Inga’s father, Adaulfo, was a well-known and successful Banker. An unusual occupation for an Aryan as most Bankers were Jewish. Inga’s mother, Alisz, was a talented seamstress but with her husband being more than capable of providing for the family, sewing was a hobby rather than a chore. Although sewing gave her a great deal of joy, her first love was her family. She adored being with her children. Being only children, both Alisz and Adaulfo had always dreamed of having a large family. Their dream had come true. They had five healthy children, blonde haired, blue eyed. Perfect Aryans in Adolf Hitler’s eyes. Klaus, 18, Manfred 17, Elke 15, Inga 13 and Oskar 8.

The girls and Oskar attended private school while the two older boys studied Engineering. They all played the violin and with the exception of Oskar, they played very well. Neighbours often praised Adaulfo and Alisz on how polite and well-mannered all five children were. The family were prominent in the local community. They never hesitated to help people who were less fortunate than themselves. That was to be their downfall…..

GENRE: Non-Fiction, Historical, True Life

BIO: Laura is a middle aged lady who was born in England. She has a compassionate nature, a great sense of humor and is a loyal friend. She also has an insatiable love of history. Growing up, Laura would spend hours with a member of her family who she loved dearly. Over the years she was told the story of how this amazing lady had suffered at the hands of the Gestapo and German SS. Laura had always had a strong desire to write. She felt a responsibility to record the story as a part of her family history.

Pre Order Links:
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Cover Design Cover by Charlene Raddon of Cover-Ops

* * *
Thanks so much for stopping by today, Susan, to share this incredible story with us!


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Season, Unforgettable -*Finalist* in Independent Authors Book Awards

The Independent Authors Association has announced their FINALISTS for the 2015 Book Awards. I'm pleased to announce that my latest contemporary romance Season, Unforgettable made the cut!

Stay tuned for more news next week when category winners are announced.

About Season, Unforgettable

Season Scrimshaw isn't selling the land her parents left her when they died, not even to the gorgeous Rann Brogan who saved her life in the forest. Especially not after she finds out he was in the woods to survey her property.

The company Rann works for, his mother's company, wants the land for a luxury condo development and they want it bad. He never dreamed they'd go to such extreme lengths to get it.

Lives spiral out of control, lies and betrayal play center stage. Caught in the middle between his rich and powerful mother and the woman he loves, Rann discovers love is complicated...and sometimes lethal.

This is a stand-alone contemporary romance with elements of suspense.