Friday, July 25, 2014

#SatSpanks - Whisper of Dreams

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My snippet today comes from my new release WHISPER OF DREAMS - a BDSM Erotic Novella

About Whisper of Dreams:

Sarah must get her son out of New Bern, North Carolina before he succumbs to an epidemic of yellow fever. Yankees have taken over the town and there is only one man capable of smuggling them out—Captain Elijah Fortune. Even though she betrayed him once, she appeals to the champion of her childhood for help. He’s more than happy to accommodate her, but the price of risking his life is steep. And the cost has nothing to do with money.   

The quirt came down, again and again. She writhed and squirmed, her moans spewing forth in a staccato rhythm of nonsensical words. Her tormentor avoided pattern and timing, covering every inch of her backside and upper thighs. He paused only once to deliver two expertly placed blows to the outer folds of her channel. Her hips canted upward and she screamed, yet, she had never felt anything so blissful. For a moment, she left her body and reveled in the shuddering aftermath.
“Again?” he asked, his voice laced with low-throated expectancy.
 She would do anything for that evasive release, say anything. “Do not stop, please do not stop.” Dear God, was that her voice? 


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Constance Masters said...

I don't think he has any intention of stopping just yet does he? Maybe he does... Nice snippet :)

Tara Finnegan said...

Talk about making it hurt so good! Lovely.

PK Corey said...

Makes me squirm in a wonderful way.

Leigh Smith said...

Oh yes, that fine line between pain and plesure. Nice snip

Normandie Alleman said...

Yay! I love Southern historical fiction. Sounds great.

Melody Parks said...

She begs so prettily. I like that she senses the change in her voice from her heightened simulations.
I'll be back for more of this one. ☺

Renee Rose said...

someone is enjoying her spanking!!

Suz said...

Oh, myyyy....